It is the procedure in which blood letting is done. It is done in all disease caused due to vitiation of blood and pitta.

It is included in chronic skin disease, eye disease, headache, excessive sweating, eczema, splenomegaly, psoriasis, itching, hepatomegaly, jaundice. It is alse indicated in the Acure Lymphoid Leukemia, Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia, Chronic Lymphoid, Liver Cancer.

A Case of Eczema:

Here is a case of eczema. A child about ten years of age was suffering from this skin trouble for about three years. Parents were tired of having made fruitless efforts. Reputed practitioners were tried and the condition was left as intractable as usually is done in cases of eczema. One application of eight leeches was sufficient to eradicate the pathology and establish  the normal condition of the skin and promote general health and feeling of well being. Of course, some powders of Nim were given internally and external use. From such examples one starts thinking. Can research in Ayurved not be conducted without modern laboratories? Let Modern medicine undertake research and revise their methods if they desire and not vice versa.

Ayurvedic procedure though simple to look at are quite potent and beget confidence. I have voluminous record of various conditions with encouraging results.

Asra Visruti – A Potent Remedy

Asra-visruti therapy is a potent remedy according to ayurved. Application of leeches is one part of it. The indication of rakta moxan are so varied and common place thing that the text call it as half treatment. But this therapy is like an alien thing to ayurvedic practitioners. The educational institutions of Ayurved should, therefore, take care to show such demonstration of Rakta moxan to the students.

A young man of about 35 years of age, well built having a very attractive personality came at erly in the morning complaining anxiously of distress in the heart region. Within five minutes of the treatment given, the patient was cheerful and taking in a pleasant mood with no trace of trouble anywhere. The magic done was not by introducing any drug in the body and distrubuing the homeostasis of the body but by performing Asra Visruti. Really it is to the credit of vaidas that there is a very good treatment like Asra-visruti in Ayurved. The therapy is worth the name as half tratment, most scientific, perfectly rational, exclusively radical and potent in effect.