Procedure Raktmokshan

imagesdownloadRaktmokshan is a procedure invented by Shushrut ( Father of surgery). “Agre sravati dushtasram” meaning is vitiated blood I.e. blackish blood comes out first. According to ayurveda our body is made by panchmahabhuta I.e. Pruthavi,Agni,Jal,Aakash, Vayu. Our body consists jatharagni in the form of HCL(conc)I.e. Hydrochloric Acid.  Our body is a mysterious machine , we all knew that when we pour a single drop of conc HCL on table it gets break by the concentration of HCL. Then our stomach is very smooth and deligate material how HCL not affects any harm to our mucosal layer this is a big question?

According to ayurveda our digestion procedure is carried out with the presence of pitta dosha it is one of the tridoshas. When this pitta dosha isn’t balanced well then it causes accumulation of vitiated pitta which is harmful to our body.

There are saptdhatus in our body. Ras,Rakt,Mans,Med, Majja,Asthi,Shukra. Due to the presence of panchmahabhutas and Tridoshas & Saptdhatus our body gets proper form. Anatomically these saptdhatus are visible.

Vitiated pitt first affects the Ras Dhatu I.e. the lymphatic system . Because of this most of the ladies get menstrual problems e.g. Dysmenorrhoea, Menorrhagia, dysfunction of uterus etc  (Amenorrhea is a disease its causes are variable.) Then the vitiated pitta affects the next dhatu I.e. Rakt. When Rakt dhatu gets affected then we will come across skin related disorders. Skin is the largest organ of our body. This accumulation of vitiated pitta in Rakt dhatu cuses Acidity, swelling in heel, pain in heel, Abcess, small vessels diseases , Appendicitis and many more diseases.

This vitiated pitta is thrown out by Raktmokshan this is invented by Shushrut ( Father of surgery ). This is specifically carried out in October and November month I.e. Sharad Rutu. In these days many people come across with migraine.  In day to day practice many patient got relief by Raktmokshan.  This procedure takes your 20 to 30min. This procedure is very helpful to our stable mind and body. One who is not able to do blood donation can do Raktmokshan. Many people who don’t have enough Hb(Heamoglobin) as required by their body but we saw that after Raktmokshan Hb got increased e.g. it is like a tree which we want to cut in a specific manner so that its growth will take place in beautiful manner.  Raktmokshan is very important for patients as well as healthy person too. Raktmokshan is done with the help of scalp vein set and local Raktmokshan is done by leech application. This is one of the Panchakarma which is very very affordable.   It is also helpful in acne vulgaris i.e. pimples on face.Thank you.


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