Netra Tarpan & Netra Dhawan


In day to day life nowadays we are using electronic devices like smartphones,  Tab, laptops, Computer etc. We know that these devices are very useful in our work. As we know that work is worship. These days definition of has been changed specifically in metropolitan cities, every person do work at least for 12hrs and every working person uses electronic devices,  while using these devices our eyes are opened specially those who are very sincere in work couldn’t get break and continuously doing work this thing is very harmful for our body because our body needs some rest after 2 to 3 hrs work infact every phycision advised to patients to get some break after 1hr. These kind of break energises our strength towords work and we are able to do work more passionately.

Who are doing work on computers and lapies many times come across with migraine,  persistent headache, watery eyes , Redness of eyes, feels stressful. In these kind of situation everyone takes painkiller because everyone wants to get rid of it but we don’t know that painkiller is a short term procedure of treatment.  Basic cause is our behaviour of work.

We know the importance of water. In short break we should always sprinkle water over our eyes. Then we feel fresh it’s our own experience.

Headache and eye related disorders get increasing then we should think about the permanent solution.

In this Tarpan vidhi ( this is holistic treatment approach) we are going to clean the eyes with kwath , this is very simple procedure. The kwath (kashay) is very clean and clear therefore no one gets any injury due to the kwath and eyes are get cleaned. This is called as Netra Dhawan.We can called it as Purvakarm of Netra Tarpan.

Netra Tarpan –  This procedure is very helpful for curing the diseases like Glucoma, Headache due to eye disorders, falling of eyelashes.  Tarpan means placing of medicated oil or ghee over the eye in a bridge made around the eye for a stipulated period.

Even healthy person can able to do this kind of treatment due to this treatment life of eyes increases. Eyes are our great ornaments , they should be cared well. Specifically these treatment is very helpful for iT professionals. And those who are having eye related disorders. This treatment is having its own importance and it’s affordable to everyone.

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