Welcome to Dirghayu Clinic

Welcome to Dr. Pramod Thombare’s Dirghayu Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Centre. We are here to provide you an authentic and scientific treatment of Ayurveda.
Dirghayu Clinic is having its own identity in honesty as well as love and appreciation.
Dirghayu Clinic is also thankful to lord Krishna and lord Dhanwantari for the progress in Ayurvedic treatment.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dirghayu Clinic

  1. Ganesh Gorane says:

    The thought process about doctors has changed when I visited Dirghayuclinic & met Dr.Pramod Thombare last year , because before this I have taken a ayurvedic treatment almost for 6 years with the different doctors but haven’t seen any changes in my health due to this my belief on doctors has lost.

    My bad health journey started when I took admission at kopargaon in 2007 & started eating “Mess Food”.

    In 2015 I met with Dr Pramod Thombare & discussed all the disease i.e Old cold, cough, stomach digestion related issue, etc & on all this Dr suggested me the 2 panchkarma VAMAN & VIRECHAN, Firstly I heisted to do it due to money for Indians money is more important than health, But after some days I have took the chance & thought to do it.

    After I have done with the 2 panchkarma almost 1.5 year I haven’t met with any disease & my whole life has changed because now I am feeling more enthusiastic & energetic.

    Thanks a lot to dirghayuclinic & Dr.Pramod Thombare for playing a vital role in my health.One more thing I want to tell u that I have done panchkarma very affordable price.

    1. Thanks Mr Ganesh Goraneji. We all know the importance of ayurveda in today’s day to day life. Ayurveda is one of the most importent solution for our health related issues. Tc. Be in touch.

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