Enjoy Deepawali Festival with Dirghayu.

Ayurvedic Ubtan & abhyang oil.

  • In this holy festival of Deepawali ,Dirghayu Clinic & Panchkarma Centre prepared ayurvedic ubtan & abhyang oil for rejuvenation of your skin. Do visit Dirghayu clinic and panchkarma centre.
  • Benifits of ubtan (Utane) and Abhyang oil. In this ubtan all herbal drugs are used which are beneficial for our skin. Due to the atmospheric changes our skin gets tanned by using this before taking bath it gives a scrubbing action. By scrubbing toxins over skin get vanished. Sweat glands get nourished they start their work properly.
  • Herbal drugs e.g. Manjishtha, Amraharidra, Anantmul, Bakuchi, these are the drugs which nourishes the skin and as we know that skin is the biggest organ of our body so it needs proper blood circulation by these drugs action circulation of blood in skin does in a positive manner.
  • “मृत्तिके हनमे पापम !”  हे पृथ्वी माते!  माझे पाप हरण कर। in every area of this earth is precious for the person who resides on it. Everyone loves his/her country atmost. Land is the precious part of human beings. Due to soil we all get food therefore we have gratitude towards our soil. There are so many minerals etc found in soil which are helpful for us e.g. one who gets fever would apply the mud on his forehead then fever would get decreased this is the ancient practice of naturopathy.
  • Bakuchi is the main drug which is very helpful for curing the skin disorders.

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