About Us

Dirghayu Clinic and Panchkarma Centre
To serve authentic Ayurvedic treatment for mankind to achieve the sense of complete well being to the patient.
To serve proper service in Panchkarma therapy and to promote health awareness, wellness and cure from disease through natural healing system to mankind, in affordable cost.
To bring ayurveda science in every heart as well as in mind of every person of the world.
To give honest treatment by which people will have trust in Ayurvedic treatment.
To rediscover the holistic approach to ayurveda.
Quality Policy
Dirghayu ayurved and panchkarma centre is commited to serve specialized proper medical services to all patients to enhance their health.

Our Activities
Free Health seminars in educational institutions.
Health camps in remote area of Maharashtra.
Health Seminars for corporate sector.
Suvarnbindu sanskar shibir is on every pushya nakshatra date of month.
Thyroid Ayurvedic O.P.D.
Seminar on how to talk, with on experimental basis.
Training Programme
Yoga and Meditation.
Life style management.
Ayurvedic diatery management’
Introduction to ayurveda and panchakarma.